401(k) Plan Setup

New Plan Setup

Setting up a new plan is a very simple process. Generally we will ask you a few questions specifically about your business and who you want to benefit from the plan. From there, we use our expertise to design a plan that is custom designed to your needs and wants. Here is our general process:

  • Complete Plan Questionnaire
  • Complete Schwab Account Applications
  • Setup Web Portal
  • Upload Completed Plan Documents to Web Portal
  • Employees Enroll via Web Portal
  • Employer submits payroll

Plan Conversion

Many plans originally set up by Employers on the advice of their broker and/or payroll company turn out to lacking many key features of a well thought out retirement plan. As such, we move a large amount of retirement plans to ur platform every year. Although the takeover process is a little more time consuming, it is not a difficult task. Generally the process is as follows:

  • Review Existing Plan
  • Update Plan Document to Add/Subtract Features
  • Complete Schwab Account Applications
  • Notify Employees of Change
  • Audit Existing Plan
  • Setup Web Portal
  • Upload Updated Plan Documents to Web Portal
  • Credit Employee's existing funds to account
  • Employees Enroll via Web Portal
  • Employer submits payroll

Your Plan Document determines how your plan is run. It is extremely important that your plan is designed correctly. There are ways to minimize employer expenditures while maximizing employer contributions to certain employees. That is why it is important to setup your plan with a firm that specializes in plan design and administration. Contact us if you have questions about your existing plan’s design to see if we can help you.

Today smart business owners let technology reduce labor costs. Through our online portal employees enroll electronically and digitally sign enrollment forms and perform all other basic functions. Employers can submit payroll files, review employees accounts, upload, review and retrieve documents and more. 

We utilize low cost index funds as much as we can. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to stick to these funds only. In fact, if you want, you can have access to virtually any investment available at Schwab, including CD’s, Bonds, Stocks, ETF’s and Mutual Funds.

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