Why Your Company Should Be Using a 401k Matching Contribution Plan – Five Things to Know

Surveys show that employees love their 401k matching contributions – here’s what companies can do to optimize the experience for both parties In June, 2020, During the height of the global COVID-19 pandemic, U.S. companies took an interesting stance with their employer-sponsored 401k plans – they left matching contributions alone. Conventional wisdom had it that […]

Choosing a 401k Plan Investment Advisor


Like a classic Maserati or Lebron James in the open court, performance is what counts with a company-sponsored 401k plan – and that’s where a good investment advisor can help. No doubt, companies that sponsor 401k plans for their team members lean heavily on investment advisors to steer their plans towards robust investment performance. According […]

401k Plan Fees: A Primer for Plan Sponsors

401k plan fees are the price of doing business in the retirement plan arena, both for employee participants in a retirement plan and for the company that sponsors a 401k plan. Those fees are also crucial to both the service and investment return portions of a plan participant’s 401k experience, and their impact can be […]

Non-Negotiable Responsibilities of 401k Plan Fiduciaries

At first glance, taking on fiduciary responsibilities for an employer-sponsored retirement can be a daunting task. After all, reviewing fees and policy statements, engaging in formal fiduciary training, vetting and replacing fund managers, overseeing plan audits, and handling compliance issues – all obligations under the plan fiduciary umbrella – are important necessary tasks. That’s why […]