What to know about being a fiduciary to your 401(k) plan

A fiduciary is an individual or group responsible for administering, managing and making decisions about a 401(k) plan and as such, they have an extremely responsible role as their decisions can impact the retirement plans for their employees. While this title and role seem a little bit old fashioned, the importance of understanding what a   […]

How to Save over $55,000 in your 401(k) Plan

Like most people, you are probably depending on your 401(k) plan to have a comfortable life after you retire or at least have enough money where you can enjoy your retirement. This means that it is crucial for you to maximize your 401(k) so that you are able to save as much money as you […]

What is a 401(k) Fee Benchmark Report and Do I Need to Benchmark My 401(k)?

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SUBSCRIBE I am often asked by clients, who should get this notice and when?  There are a number of required documents that need to be delivered to participants to effectively communicate retirement plan details.  With many new rules there has been an added number of documents that must be delivered to  participants by specific dates.  […]